3D Sculpting Workshops


ZBrush is a digital sculpting and painting program that has revolutionized the 3D industry with its powerful features and intuitive workflows. Built within an elegant interface, ZBrush offers the world’s most advanced tools for today’s digital artists.

Join us for (4) four  Z-Brush workshops at MAGIC and take your drawing and modeling skills further by learning how to sculpt in 3D on ZBrush. A single workshop is $30, get a $10 discount when enrolling for all four events

  1. Workshop 1, Intro to ZBrush.  Saturday, Dec. 02, 2017
  2. Workshop 2, Let’s UV unwrap & Texture! (single workshop) Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017.
  3. Workshop 3, Let’s Bake! (single workshop) Saturday, Jan. 06, 2018
  4. Workshop 4, Let’s Make an Environment. Saturday, Jan 20. 2018

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