Pitch to the Industry

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“The Walkers” by Gabriel Garcia


“Bermuda Triangle” by Gabriel Garcia
Bermuda Triangle tells the story of Marvin, a boy who’s bullied because of his triangular shaped nose and that ends up by the Bermuda Triangle, an odd civilization where he’s taken as a legendary hero whose destiny is to defeat away an evil dragon. When Marvin faces the creature, he finds out that it’s not a dragon or evil, but a Dragonciraptor named Edgar who’s also judged for being different. They’ll become best friends and fight out that they’ll have to team up in order to face the dangers that haunt this unusual civilization.

“Please Say I’m Funny” by Brotopia Studios, LLC
Please Say I’m Funny is set in a fast-paced 21st century surreal and eccentric city. A rat named Sean and his bear best friend Teddy try to make it as famous stand-up comedians while working a 9 to 5. Teddy’s reckless attitude towards life constantly clashes with Sean’s systematic approach to everything, which often gets them in trouble at work and in their day to day life.

“Raffy & Friends” by Natalia Zueva

“Uncanny Valley” by Ashe Saludes & Ernie Canet Jr.
Uncanny Valley is a story of magic, mysteries and friendship. Tate, a bubbly amateur mage, and Shayna, her pragmatic pre-med roommate, must work together to apprehend a magical attacker all while balancing the stress and zaniness of college life. With Tate’s healing powers and Shayna’s medical training, it’s up to the two of them to protect the mystical creatures and cryptids of Hills Valley.

“Troll Patrol” by Robert Palmieri, Claudith Saint-Jean, and Rebecca DePrisco

“The Walkers” by Gabriel Garcia
 The Walkers begins with Humans and Zombies living a war, until, mysteriously, zombies develop consciousness and the first relationship between the living and the undead bloom in the middle of the battlefield. This approach between races changed the social logic that was known until now and now both Zombies and Humans share rights and responsibilities. That’s where we meet the Walkers, a dysfunctional Zombie family lead by Walter, a grumpy store manager who hates human, the Colombos, a human family lead by Roger who loves zombies more than his own, and Groucho, the umbilical cord that will tight both families together forever.

General Information

MIA ANIMATION CONFERENCE & FESTIVAL will be holding a Pitching Contest as part of its Animation Festival.  All creators are encouraged to submit their projects for consideration.  The top submissions in both categories will be invited to pitch their idea in person to a panel of animation industry experts and professionals.



1. Animation for Television and Web Series – targeting kids (any audience 13 and under)

2. Animation for Television and Web Series – targeting adults (any audience 14 and up)


Submission Guidelines:

All entries must include the following:

1. Official Entry Form

2. A Pitch Document of no more than three (3) pages in length describing your project.  This material can include series premise, character descriptions, story ideas, art and any other information that may be useful to the panel evaluating the project.  Any information MUST be in ONE document (not multiple files) and needs to be three or fewer pages.  Any submission not following these rules will be automatically disqualified.

3. An optional link to a video clip of not more than two (2) minutes of footage related to the project.  If a video is longer than two minutes, the screening committee will only view the first two minutes in their evaluation process.

4. Entries should be submitted on the bottom of this page and must be received by August 31st, 2016.

5. Pitch to the Industry Entry Fee: $90.


Finalist Pitches:

The top entries from each category (roughly five entrants from each, but the panel reserves the right to select any number) will be selected as Finalists.  Selected Finalists will be notified by September 15, 2016.  Finalists will be invited to pitch their projects in person to a panel of industry experts at MIA ANIMATION.  No travel expenses will be covered.

In person pitches can be in any form, but cannot take more than Five (5) minutes.  There will be a question and answer time with the panel at the end of the five minute initial presentation.  Finalists will be contacted during the summer and can request A/V equipment or display space for pitch materials, but the entrant is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all necessary technical or other equipment is present and working properly.


Industry Panel/Jury:


  • Leah Hoyer, Director of Narrative Design at ARENA.NET
  • Andrea Miloro, SVP of Production at 20th Century Fox Animation
  • Aaron Gilman, Animation Supervisor at Weta Digital
  • Drew Tolman, Animation Associate Producer at 20th Century Fox Animation


The top pitch in each category will receive an award and recognition at the MIA Animation Festival screening.  In addition, the top pitch overall will be set up with three meetings with relevant buyers and/or talent representatives, providing a great start to getting your pitch sold.  Meetings will likely be in the Los Angeles area.  No travel expenses will be covered.

Event Closed

Leah Hoyer on How to Pitch your Story!

Leah Hoyer will lead the panel of industry professionals invited to participate as jurors. Ms. Hoyer began working at Disney Television Animation in 2001, where she was for fifteen years the Director of Development for Disney Channel Animated Series. During her tenure at Disney, Leah has worked on numerous series, including “Recess,” “Kim Possible” and “Phineas & Ferb.” Ms. Hoyer currently works for Microsoft Studios, as an Animation and Gaming Narrative Director.