Pitch to the Industry




“As Kip & Gil struggle to put the “fast” in fast-food, everything they do often proves a recipe for disaster.”

Kip & Gil by Cezar Arvelo and Jonathan Condry


14 & UP


Three wizards are imprisoned in an airbrushed mural on a hot rod van, for their crimes against magic. To redeem themselves they must do ninety nine good deeds for anyone who touches the mural; without further breaking the laws of magic. With the help of Jerry, this troublesome trio has to figure out how to work together without magic to continue failing upward towards freedom.

The Van Wizards by Kevin Byrd


The Abnormalz are an alien family from the planet Fun, they were chosen by their alien leader (Mr. Satellite) to be on a reality show, “Can They Survive and Take Over Earth?!” Without a choice in the matter, The Abnormalz are shipped off to the starting point in Newark NJ to see if the family can survive on the planet Earth and take it over without dying or being revealed as aliens from another planet.

The Abnormals by Marshall Krich


Paradise by John Gambit Garcia


1870s Student Doctor working at a night clinic finds helping creatures of the darkness challenging. Follow Beth as she learns to heal creatures of the night from Dr. Lister. Werewolves and Vampires need healing too.

Night Clinic by Asia Martinez

13 & UNDER


“A bipolar mall cop, Gloria, finds a cursed amulet in MALL OF THE WORLD. When people start getting possessed, the amulet comes to life as a talking spirit named Artie. Trying to keep the mall from being destroyed, Gloria must face the demons in front of her… and within…”

Gloria Saves the Day by Jackie Albano and Tianna Harvey


“As Kip & Gil struggle to put the “fast” in fast-food, everything they do often proves a recipe for disaster.”

Kip & Gil by Cezar Arvelo and Jonathan Condry

Living in a disgraced elf’s boarding house, Kip, a boy afraid  of his own zombie kind, shadows his unusual roomies in hopes  =of finding his place among humans.

The Other Side by Gabriela Granado, Jackie Albano and Tianna Harvey


Get ready for a brand new show that makes learning a new language exciting and accessible in a way it has never been before.  The little shape-shifting lizard Ramón Camaleón is ready to learn alongside the viewer all about the Spanish language and the world of Latin-American and Spanish-speaking cultures.  With help from his friends,  Ramón will explore a new location every week, and along the way teach his young viewers how to form full thoughts and sentences in the Spanish language.

Ramon Camaleon by Gary Mintz


General Information

MIA ANIMATION CONFERENCE & FESTIVAL will be holding a Pitching Contest as part of its Animation Festival.  All creators are encouraged to submit their projects for consideration.  The top submissions in both categories will be invited to pitch their idea in person to a panel of animation industry experts and professionals.



1. Animation for Television and Web Series – targeting kids (any audience 13 and under)

2. Animation for Television and Web Series – targeting adults (any audience 14 and up)


Submission Guidelines:

All entries must include the following:

1. Official Entry Form

2. A Pitch Document of no more than three (3) pages in length describing your project.  This material can include series premise, character descriptions, story ideas, art and any other information that may be useful to the panel evaluating the project.  Any information MUST be in ONE document (not multiple files) and needs to be three or fewer pages.  Any submission not following these rules will be automatically disqualified.

3. An optional link to a video clip of not more than two (2) minutes of footage related to the project.  If a video is longer than two minutes, the screening committee will only view the first two minutes in their evaluation process.

4. Entries should be submitted on the bottom of this page and must be received by August 31st, 2015.

5. Pitch to the Industry Entry Fee: $70.


Finalist Pitches:

The top entries from each category (roughly five entrants from each, but the panel reserves the right to select any number) will be selected as Finalists.  Selected Finalists will be notified by September 15, 2015.  Finalists will be invited to pitch their projects in person to a panel of industry experts at MIA ANIMATION.  No travel expenses will be covered.

In person pitches can be in any form, but cannot take more than Five (5) minutes.  There will be a question and answer time with the panel at the end of the five minute initial presentation.  Finalists will be contacted during the summer and can request A/V equipment or display space for pitch materials, but the entrant is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all necessary technical or other equipment is present and working properly.


Industry Panel/Jury:


  • Leah Hoyer, Director of Narrative Design at ARENA.NET
  • Conrad Montgomery, Current Series Director at Cartoon Network
  • Drew Tolman, Animation Producer at 20th Century Fox


The top pitch in each category will receive an award and recognition at the MIA Animation Festival screening.  In addition, the top pitch overall will be set up with three meetings with relevant buyers and/or talent representatives, providing a great start to getting your pitch sold.  Meetings will likely be in the Los Angeles area.  No travel expenses will be covered.

inktiplogo_email     Winner of the Pitch to the Industry will receive from Inktip:

InkTip Script Listing: A listing of your script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find you.

InkTip Magazine: Publication of your logline in InkTip’s magazine sent to nearly 15000 producers and reps.

Event Full

Leah Hoyer on How to Pitch your Story!

Leah Hoyer will lead the panel of industry professionals invited to participate as jurors. Ms. Hoyer began working at Disney Television Animation in 2001, where she was for fifteen years the Director of Development for Disney Channel Animated Series. During her tenure at Disney, Leah has worked on numerous series, including “Recess,” “Kim Possible” and “Phineas & Ferb.” Ms. Hoyer currently works for Microsoft Studios, as an Animation and Gaming Narrative Director.