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2014 Pitch Finalists!

Pipil Tribe by José Aguirre

“Pipil Tribe follows the comedy adventures of a wizard apprentice in precolumbian times, who ends up meeting a very shy kid from the future. Together, along with the entire tribe, will discover the magic of friendship… and lots of trouble!” Click here to watch Pipil Tribe Demo.

Pipil Tribe

Grandpa by Alexis Michelle Centeno

For one-hundred years, Mari the Vampire lived quietly-taking only what she needed to survive and never left a trace…until she met Sean, a friendly hacker with a mysterious past. Their romance turns deadly when Mari’s senile grandpa (A.K.A. Dracula) takes a bite out of Sean, who turns out to be the grandson of Van Helsing, the Vampire Hunter. Now, Mari must fight both humans and monsters to protect the men she loves.


Merica Truckers by Marshall Krich

‘Merica Truckers is the encryption name for America’s overrated and barely trained truck driving force. It’s purpose: to have U-Turn, Lil-Devil, Grandpa Abnormal and the rest of the gang deliver over priced merchandise and cargo while having wild and wacky adventures across this great nation.

final 1

Pop Tops by Robert Kirkpatrick

Whataya get when you cross a beaver with a duck? Or a dolphin with a bat? Welcome to Pop Tops – The outrageous animated exploits of some freaky friends with the amazing ability to pop off their heads and swap them!


Erutica University by James Gage

Takuyo Masanari is a genius and could choose any college he wants to attend, When his dreams of becoming a producer of Trap Music leads him to the unfavorable all Black college Erutica University Taku’s Father and retired Yakuza Boss Hidekazu Masanari is pissed off to no ends! With no financial backing or support for his father Taku most become a man and make his dream happen one way or the other before his father literally KILLS HIM!!!!

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Kung Fu You Can Not Defeat My Technique by Alex Anico


The Failures by  Jackie Albano and Tianna Harveyc

In possibly one of the biggest mistakes made by mankind, the United Super Front (an international crime fighting network) groups together a failed agent and two disgraced superheroes as an experiment. Together they protect the city of Sadsville– well they try.


The Papa Leone’s Pizza Show: PUS by David Lowitz

“The Papa Leone’s Pizza Show follows a thugged-out chicken and his gang as they struggle against the suburbanization of their beloved inner-city hellhole.”








General Information


MIA ANIMATION CONFERENCE & FESTIVAL will be holding a Pitching Contest as part of its Animation Festival.  All creators are encouraged to submit their projects for consideration.  The top submissions in both categories will be invited to pitch their idea in person to a panel of animation industry experts and professionals.


1. Animation for Television and Web Series – targeting kids (any audience 13 and under)

2. Animation for Television and Web Series – targeting adults (any audience 14 and up)

Submission Guidelines:

All entries must include the following:

1. Official Entry Form

2. A Pitch Document of no more than three (3) pages in length describing your project.  This material can include series premise, character descriptions, story ideas, art and any other information that may be useful to the panel evaluating the project.  Any information MUST be in ONE document (not multiple files) and needs to be three or fewer pages.  Any submission not following these rules will be automatically disqualified.

3. An optional link to a video clip of not more than two (2) minutes of footage related to the project.  If a video is longer than two minutes, the screening committee will only view the first two minutes in their evaluation process.

4. Entries should be submitted on the bottom of this page and must be received by August 31st, 2014.

5. Pitch to the Industry Entry Fee: $70.

Event Closed


Leah Hoyer on How to Pitch your Story!

Leah Hoyer will lead the panel of industry professionals invited to participate as jurors. Ms. Hoyer began working at Disney Television Animation in 2001, where she was for fifteen years the Director of Development for Disney Channel Animated Series. During her tenure at Disney, Leah has worked on numerous series, including “Recess,” “Kim Possible” and “Phineas & Ferb.” Ms. Hoyer currently works for Microsoft Studios, as an Animation and Gaming Narrative Director.

Finalist Pitches:

The top entries from each category (roughly five entrants from each, but the panel reserves the right to select any number) will be selected as Finalists.  Selected Finalists will be notified by September 15, 2014.  Finalists will be invited to pitch their projects in person to a panel of industry experts at MIA ANIMATION.  No travel expenses will be covered.

In person pitches can be in any form, but cannot take more than Five (5) minutes.  There will be a question and answer time with the panel at the end of the five minute initial presentation.  Finalists will be contacted during the summer and can request A/V equipment or display space for pitch materials, but the entrant is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all necessary technical or other equipment is present and working properly.

Industry Panel:

The following studios and agencies will be represented at the Pitch:

Walt Disney Television Animation, Cartoon Network, Microsoft Studios and The Third Floor.


The top pitch in each category will receive an award and recognition at the MIA Animation Festival screening.  In addition, the top pitch overall will be set up with three meetings with relevant buyers and/or talent representatives, providing a great start to getting your pitch sold.  Meetings will likely be in the Los Angeles area.  No travel expenses will be covered.

Event Closed



Winner 2013 Pitch to the Industry “Roomates”, Created by Rich Graham

“Ray, Roscoe, and Rico are your typical roaches from the neighborhood who like to drink, smoke, party, and chase girls. Even though it is dangerous and frowned upon, they constantly leave the comfort of the walls they live behind and enter the human world to grab some ‘munchies’. Follow these rapping and scheming roaches as on their journey into a world full of fun, danger, adventure, and of course, laughs.”

Jason Merrin, 2012 Pitch Winner, talks LA and pitching ideas to Disney!


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