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April 7th: Stand Alone (Beginner) Introduction to ZBrush

*No prior 3D experience necessary.
A basic rundown of ZBrush’s UI, brushes and ztools. This course is for beginners who’ve never used ZBrush before or artists who need a refresher on ZBrush and the changes in 4R8.


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Series III (Intermediate to Advanced) Topics

*Intermediate to Advanced workshops are for artists who already took an Into to ZBrush course or have prior experience with 3D modeling & ZBrush.

1) April 21th/ Character Sculpting. Sculpt a chibi (self-portrait). In class, students will learn to sculpt and assemble a basic chibi using various techniques in ZBrush. At home, students will add details to transform chibi into themselves.

2) May 5th/ Retopology. Students will import their Chibi sculpts into MAYA to retopo for gaming or animation (up to student). Students will complete their retopology at home.

3) May 19th/ Basic Rigging for Mocap. Students will bring in their completed retopology and learn how to apply a basic rig with basic weights.

4) June 2nd/ Mocap (record). Instructor will supply a completed, ready to attach Mocap model to live stream bone data. Students will direct actor’s movement while their data is recorded.

5) June 16th/ MOCAP (apply) In the final class, mocap will be attached to finished models. Demo on how to render their work out for portfolio use.


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