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“Tone Deaf” by Manuel Zapata and You Na Kang wins the Student Competition.

“Tone Deaf”, a fully animated short film. It is a fairy tale musical parody about friendship, it involves a crazy princess and a fat unicorn. Both students are graduates of Ringling School of Art and Design, and will have their animation promoted for a full year by MIA Animation, LLC. 

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“FlashBulb” wins Young Directors, directed by Bill Kivi

FlashBulb was created as part of my Graduate Thesis. It contains adult themes and challenges the ideals of what is appropriate content for animated films. I was inspired by 1940s film Noir genre and used films from that era as prototypes. Awards were sponsored by MAXON.

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“Granpa” created by Alexis Michelle Centeno wins the 2014 Pitch.

The animated series centers on Mari the Vampire, who lived quietly-taking only what she needed to survive and never left a trace…until she met Sean, a friendly hacker with a mysterious past.  Alexis will now have the chance to pitch her idea to studio executives in Los Angeles. MIA Animation will set up at least three interviews at major studios in 2015.

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MIA Animation ranked on the TOP TEN.

Creative Blog ads MIA Animation Conference and Festival to its TOP TEN list of conference for animators: “Hosting world-renowned speakers, various universities and artists from some of the world’s top studios, the MIA Animation conference is full of practical and inspirational content.” , check it out! Read Article.

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